Lolita (1962)

I have a podcast as well! It is called Outside of a Dog (yes, I know, another dog pun). There, I will discuss literature with my friend Jonas rather than analyse films. However, this time – and maybe some other times in the future – I made an exception and wrote a blog post about a film adaptation of a book: Stanley Kubrick’s version of Lolita. You can find the post here. Check out the cast and subscribe to it on iTunes!


The Banality of Evil: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Since I wasn’t aware that there are people who still don’t know the basic premise of this film and managed to casually spoil it for others for the second time, let me start with a disclaimer:


With that warning, let me add another one: Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate!

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Hitting the Gold: The Archers’ Films, 1943-1948

It’s unfair, really. Here I am, my head full of ideas, but not even managing to keep a second-rate film blog going. And then there was those two guys. Those … magnificent bastards.

Powell and Pressburger 5

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, a.k.a. The Archers, as they called themselves, are maybe one of the best-kept secrets of 20th century cinema. Hardly household names, at least outside the UK, they are nevertheless counted among the best and most influential directors in film history. More precisely, they are maybe the perfect example of film-makers’ film-makers, influencing and inspiring a whole string of famous directors in their own right – your Spielbergs, Scorseses, Coppolas, and so on.

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The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This time, all spoiler warnings are entirely and necessarily justified. This is one of the few films where I managed to stay (almost) entirely unspoilt until I finally watched it – mainly because all I heard and read about it was basically a lot of giggling and “You won’t believe what happens!”. So I closed my eyes and ears, and, yes, it really added to the experience. Therefore, a big warning sign:


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In the meantime 2: Electric Boogaloo

Missed me yet?


Yes, another long (even longer – it’s mid-2014!) break, another sense of shame. However, I shouldn’t hang my head too low. I actually managed to get a few productive things done. Plus, this gives me the chance to do another mini-review wrap-up, talking about a few things I actually managed to watch and play. So without further ado …

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Feel Bad Inc.: Spec Ops: The Line and The Walking Dead (2012) – Part 2

And now the thrilling conclusion …

Warning: massive spoilers ahead!

In Spec Ops, it’s a walkie-talkie that provides one of the game’s most crucial moments – the walkie-talkie that Walker has used to communicate with Big Bad Colonel Konrad, giving you ever new instructions that you (yes, YOU) mindlessly followed, turns out to be broken, revealing the horrible scope of Walker’s insanity. This moment is not only a clever critique and subversion of games’ tendency to feature incorporeal voices assuredly ordering the players around (a kind of critique and subversion also found elsewhere). It’s also a veritable wham moment, well-integrated into the plot in order to shake you up and make you go “OMG!”. From hindsight, it might have been almost obviously inevitable, but at least for me, it really worked its magic.

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Feel Bad Inc.: Spec Ops: The Line and The Walking Dead (2012) – Part 1

Warning: massive spoilers ahead!

Well, another video game review in a blog that was supposed to be mainly about films. Does that mean that I’ve succumbed to the temptations of artless, cheap entertainment? Hell yeah! Seriously though, I wanted to talk about the last two games I played (apart from the frustratingly disappointing Brütal Legend and the brilliant but very short Stanley Parable and Gone Home, which probably merit their own post) and which gave me much more than many films, shows or books the past few months, by depressing me immensely and shaking my soul to the core. Video games are fun!

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